Table of Contents

  1. What is an Atomic Email Sender?
  2. Important Use of an Atomic Email Sender
  3. How to Choose the Best Atomic Email Sender?
    1. Email Automation
    1. Pricing
    1. Email Templates
    1. Email Management Features
    1. Performance Dashboard
  4. Aweber: Efficient and Easy Atomic Email Sender

What is an Atomic Email Sender?

Atomic email sending is also referred as bulk email sending. It is a widely used strategy of marketers as a method of nurturing its stakeholders, both potential and existing. It strengthens and build strong relationship by constantly communicating with the business’ customers. Atomic email sending is a mass method of sending out emails that allows a brand to spread information about the recent news, products, services, or promotions to its desired audience in an instant.

Atomic Email Sender is a professional and high-performance mass emailing tactic used for online marketing campaigns. It basically enables a brand to send a large number of electronic message to an unlimited number of recipients.

Important Use of an Atomic Email Sender

1. Most businesses have a thousand of subscribers and to be able to keep the engagement from your customers coming, you have to reach out to all your subscribers or avid followers by keeping them in the loop of what is coming next to your brand. To send these emails, it requires you to have an atomic email sender.

2. Businesses launch their marketing campaigns multiple times in a year, and most of the times marketing campaigns include email marketing. To get feedback and sales, you have to send them emails through an atomic email sender.

3. Sending thousands of emails all at once is not something that you do manually. Therefore, with atomic email senders – sending this amount of emails will only take you less than five minutes.

4. Atomic email senders also help you in customizing the delivery time of your emails. Therefore, you can schedule email blasts in advance.

5. Mass emails are also something that marketers would like to systematically deliver. They use bulk mailing list organization that are provided by atomic email senders. This is an optimization of content that make the mass emails more targeted.

6. Atomic email senders also beat getting your email campaigns into the spam folder. Good atomic email senders typically have affiliations with internet service providers (ISPs) to optimize the delivery of your mass email campaigns.


Photo by KonKarampelas on Unsplash

How to Choose the Best Atomic Email Sender?

There are multiple different bulk email software applications out there and each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. It’s just the matter of knowing how to figure out which one is the best for you.

Below are some of the factors that you can consider when looking for the best atomic email sender out there:

Email Automation

An email automation or an automated email are trigger email or behavior-driven email. It a message that automatically sends to your email service provider (ESP) in direct response to an individual user’s specific actions made (or not made) on your website or web app. Activities such as online training subscriptions, online purchase confirmations and opt-in email confirmations can only be executed via automatic email response.


Of course, one of the main factor that you need to consider is the pricing of services or plans that you are looking at in every atomic email sender. And for your business to keep growing, you should keep everything within the budget. Every atomic email sender has many different plan options from where you can choose from. They usually range between $$19 to $150 a month.

Email Templates

Most of those who use an atomic email sender are after the email marketing templates. Given that building your own template from scratch is very costly (since you still need a developer for that) it also takes too much of your campaign production time. The template available in an atomic email sender make the drafting of emails an easy task and time-efficient.

Email Management Feature

Email list management or email scrubbing is one of the important features of an atomic email sender. Many may overlook this but this is as important as avoiding your emails getting into spam folder. Getting your email list cleaned up not only will reduce your cost but it will also enhance your deliverability.

Performance Dashboard

Your success or failure as a bulk email sender can often be tied back to the individual performance of your email.  This means you need the ability to track things like deliverability rates, bounces, blocks, spam and other metrics that help measure your email success.  These metrics should all be readily available in an easy to use, intuitive dashboard like the one shown below.

As an email sender looking for the best bulk email service, it’s important to find the right fit for you.  While they might all look similar, different email service providers will all have different specialties and qualifications.  At SocketLabs we offer all of the listed benefits of a good email service provider and much more. Customers love our easy integration and personalized support from small issues to complete system customization for bigger customers.  SocketLabs has the unique ability to cover a wide range of customer needs no matter how complex.  

As a business looking for the best atomic email sender, it’s important that you find the perfect service for you. Although some of these email sender may look similar, these atomic email providers will have different specialities and qualifications. Aweberis one of the best atomic email sender and is also one of the pioneering email service out there. In its 20 years in the industry, it guarantees to help you with your business’ email campaign growth through its powerfully-simple email marketing tools and expertise.

Aweber: Efficient and Easy to Use Atomic Email Sender

Aweber has the following Powerfully-simple features let you concentrate on your business — not marketing technology.

  • Drag and drop email creation
  • Email Automations
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Bult-in A/B Testing
  • Pre-built Email Templates
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Integration to Mobile Apps
  • Class-leading Email Deliverablity

Drag and drop ail creation

If you’re looking for an email sender that will give you the quickest way to create templates for your business, then look no further. You can create and complete your email message with Aweber’s drag and drop email creation.

Email Automations

Similar to what we mentioned earlier, automated emails are when emails are sent based on audience behavior. You can definitely make your website more interactive and capable of processing confirmation through this feature.

Powerful Analytics

Track email-generated sales along with overall performance. With this Aweber feature, you can easily create a report with your campaign’s deliverability rates, bounces, blocks, spam and other metrics that help measure your email success.  

Bult-in A/B Testing

Experiment with subject lines, designs and links so you can send what works.As described by CampaignMonitor, A/B Testing is the process of sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of your subscribers and a different variation to another subset of subscribers, with the ultimate goal of working out which variation of the campaign garners the best results.


Pre-built Email Templates

Get started even faster with a library of pre-built email templates. Again, the templates that are available in an atomic email sender or Awebermake the drafting of emails an easy task and time-efficient.

Sign Up Forms

Automatically add people to your contact lists anytime, anywhere. This feature will you grow your database or mailing list easily, making you reach more audience and customers.

Integration to Mobile Apps

Capture leads, create emails and analyze results when you’re not at your desk. Nothing is more convenient when you can track the progress of an online campaign with your mobile.

Class-leading Email Deliverablity

Make sure recipients see your message in their inbox — not in spam. Using Aweber as your atomic email sender will help you deliverability increase.

With AWeber, you will always be working to deliver powerfully-simple features to help you grow your business through email marketing.